Shorter essays of 1,000 words or so will be fine with just two sources, but longer essays would definitely benefit from a few more. Having said that, the credibility of the sources also matters a lot, which means that while the number of sources is important, you must choose quality over quantity. The opposing arguments should come from at least two different journal articles.

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Defences – if any defences apply, outline the law relating to the relevant defence (e.g. provocation or diminished responsibility for voluntary manslaughter paying someone to do your assignment or consent for a non-fatal offence etc.). If you’d like, I can post some of my essays (I’m doing the same subject now) that were graded “A”.

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You may wish to comment speculatively regarding future developments, although some writers prefer to include these discussions as part of their analysis. Similarly, although it may be appropriate to comment on the limitations of your analysis, you should avoid ending your argument on a negative or a rhetorical question. Ultimately, your conclusion should leave the examiner with a clear and positive view of your main argument. However, there are a few things you can do to expedite the learning process if you put your mind to it. Using the advice provided here, you will improve your skills. Once this happens you will get better at law essay writing and you will start writing law essays that will get a first and understand the proper way of how to write a law essay. We bring you cheap essay writing and easy to buy essay assistance.

Are the actions or offences identified; if not, what are they?  Find comparable cases and legislation that is relevant to the topic and apply these to the fictional case you are discussing.

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All papers are written from scratch and according to your unique requirements. Place your order now and wait for the right moment when you will receive your law essay. We would be pleased to help you out in as best possible manner as we can.  a “problem – type” form in which you are given a hypothetical scenario and asked to discuss the legal issues raised therein. ● Begin with a clear, introductory statement of what you are arguing for and against, and how you propose to support your arguments.

Post-it notes on a wall show one method of essay planning. The above advice applies equally to examinations and assessed essays. The formula above may prove particularly useful in an examination as it can help to structure your essay and determine your priorities. Discuss – This is the most common of instructions in essay titles.

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I spent too much time on it just to find out that there were too many superfluous additions to the data I had collected. I thank you for rearranging my data and doing the analysis for me. You will receive three price quotes for three different quality levels based on your criteria as soon as you submit the order form. Give the specialist all the information and any supporting materials he might need to complete your assignment.

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 Analyse the question, identifying what type of question it is and the key words and issues law dissertation writers of the subject matter. Brainstorm all the issues on a piece of paper that come up from this.

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Each of our writers goes through a rigorous assessment process and frequent training. We work with more than 100 qualified writers, holding a minimum of 2 years of industry-specific experience. This will help ensure your essay is clear and easy to follow. Corporate Manslaughter Introduction to topic In this essay, students will law dissertation writing be required to explain and critically evaluate the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. Some students may choose in brief to consider the background to the Act and its aims. The question asks about difficulties that may arise if prosecutions are brought, so students should also, as the question req…

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The more references you provide in the introduction of your essay, the better (within reason, of course!). The number of references you provide in this area of your introduction is mostly dictated by the length of your essay as a whole.

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Please do not hesitate to ask any questions so I can help make it easier for both of us. My last time similarity report was to high although I used various sources and books including English Legal System by Catherine Elliot and Frances Quinn, which every student may have used. For part two Tort Law you must include a real life case in which tort has been used previously and also for part 3 if possible. We know how important your essays are therefore we make it sure that your work is only handed over to the experienced and the qualified writer capable of producing the effective piece of work. You can rely on your academic writer to be well-versed in legal terminology and background information.

The strongest approaches also tend to adopt a thematic analysis, integrating the arguments which can be advanced on both sides of a debate, as opposed to addressing one after the other. Remember that your essay should be analytical as opposed to descriptive. Try to only include background details where they add directly to your argument. It can prove a useful exercise once you have a first draft, to highlight areas of description in one colour and areas of analysis and evaluation in another. This will allow you to check that you have an appropriate balance.


We excel in writing custom law essays or entire theses for LLB, LLM or LLD university programs. ACAD WRITE offers assistance and support for all the different stages of text creation and editing. Our authors are experienced attorneys, legal scholars, tutors and lecturers in law, and their expertise is reflected in our writing services. If you want a great grade on your next law school assignment or if you want to write an award winning legal E-Book, we can help achieve your writing goals.

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to answering essay questions and general long-form legal writing skills, sign up to our mailing list for a free guide . Each university has different rules regarding how these should write law essay be presented in your law essays, so ensure you know and understand your institution’s requirements. The next step is to attempt to organise the supporting arguments in a manner that best supports your central argument.

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However, developing good habits from the outset can go a long way in helping you to achieve success in your essay-based assessments. An excellent law essay should demonstrate detailed arguments and legal analysis, with a thesis statement that sums the argument up succinctly and concisely in two or three sentences. The aim should pay someone to do your assignment be that you are able to prove your conclusions, and importantly demonstrate that you are able to disprove competing views . In general, you should first understand that a law essay will normally be focused on resolving a legal controversy, rather than dealing with application of the law to facts or problem resolution.

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Your views may well be that the law needs changing, whilst others may come to the conclusion that it is perfectly satisfactory. You may think that with a “problem – type” of question, which perhaps asks you to advise A if he has a claim in negligence against B, there would be a right or wrong answer. The law is not cut and dried, and frequently your research will show you that the answer is often “it depends..”. Again we expect you to correctly identify the issues, discuss the relevant law and give reasons for your final conclusion. Once you have written a draft, go back and review your work- it’s likely to need further revisions then polish your essay, make sure it flows, and carefully check there are no errors or omissions. Check your references both in the text and in the reference list to ensure they are complete and conform to the requirements of your University. Make sure you know what the word limit is before you start writing as penalties can be imposed for exceeding the word count.

When writing the content of each paragraph within each heading, it is best practise to write it down in bullet points. The content should include the relevant law as well as, either your application of the law to the problem scenario or any arguments advanced by academics in relation to each issue mentioned. To demonstrate your deeper understanding of the topic, it’s important to show your ability to consider the counter-arguments and address them in a careful and reasoned manner. When presenting your counterarguments, aim to depict them in the best possible light, aiming to be fair and reasonable before moving on to your rebuttal. To ensure that your essay is convincing, you will need to have a strong rebuttal that explains why your argument is stronger and more persuasive.

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