So there you have it. The Mossberg Shockwave is a legal firearm in Texas. Note that modifying the Shockwave is not a good idea. When you buy the Shockwave, make sure you don`t saw the back and replace it with a shoulder rest. Such a change would make your Shockwave an NFA object. Without a tax stamp and proper documentation, possession of this altered shockwave would be illegal. Also note: If you`re looking for a 26-inch 12-gauge pistol and you`re not in Texas, check your state`s laws before buying one. Every state is different, and even in Texas, the shockwave wasn`t legal until the law was changed. Just because you find it for sale doesn`t mean it`s legal. Take the time to learn about the law! How is the 12-gauge “590®” Mossberg shockwave defined in New Jersey`s gun law and is possession legal? The Mossberg shockwave could be one of the most disruptive weapons of the last decade. Mossberg is best known as this shotgun company. His name has long been associated with sporting and tactical shotguns.

Mossberg 500 occupies deer stalls and duck blinds across the country, and the 590A1 is the military shotgun of choice. However, Shockwave does something different and is pretty much legal. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearms industry`s trade organization, says its interpretation of the new law suggests that any firearm that is not classified as a handgun or long gun is now banned in New York City, including “others.” Given that the shockwave and similar guns are firearms, but not long guns or handguns, it appears that they are now outright banned and New Yorkers cannot legally own them. Selling the Shockwave in Oregon would not be legal. A “short-barreled shotgun” is defined as “a shotgun with one or more barrels less than 18 inches in length and any weapon made from a shotgun if the total length of the rifle is less than 26 inches.” Or. Rev. stat. § 166.210(12). A “firearm” is defined as “a weapon, by whatever name, intended to expel a projectile by the action of gunpowder,” that is, section 166.210(3), but there is no definition of a shotgun that limits it to a firearm intended to be fired from the shoulder.

Similarly, a “handgun” is defined as “any pistol or revolver that uses a fixed cartridge containing a propellant, primer and projectile and intended to be pointed or fired otherwise than from the shoulder”, i.e. §166.210(5), but the term “pistol” is not defined. Because the Shockwave is “designed to be aimed or fired other than from the shoulder,” it would be considered both a “short-barreled shotgun” and a “handgun” under Oregon law. Possession of a “short-barreled shotgun” is a crime under Oregon law, unless prohibited by federal law, OR. Rev. Stat. § 166.272, but the shock wave is not a firearm that must be registered under the NFA. Does anyone know if there is a state-to-state list of places where the Mossberg shockwave is legal and where it is not? I`m pretty sure it`s good to go here to Missouri (I`ve seen them advertised), but I wanted to know more about the other states before deciding to get one. The Shockwave is the newest member of the Mossberg family. It is based on their popular 590 platform and features a 14-inch barrel and an innovative grip that allows the user to hold the gun like a traditional shotgun. That`s just over 26 inches in total length. Pistol-gripped shotguns have long been reprimanded for their dangerous recoil and inaccuracy.

Without a shoulder rest to absorb recoil and stabilize the target, pistol grips were not a popular option. But the Shockwave`s handle has a similar shape to a conventional handle, where your hand rests on the handle and not behind. The angle of the handle makes shooters rave about ease of use and the short barrel makes this item ideal for trucks or home defense. The sale of the Shockwave would not be legal in Ohio except for persons authorized to acquire, possess, transport or use “dangerous regulations” under Ohio Rev. Code § 2923.18. A “sawed-off firearm” is defined as a “shotgun whose barrel is less than eighteen inches in length. or a shotgun. less than twenty-six inches in total.

Ohio Rev. Code § 2923.11(F). A “firearm” is defined as “any lethal weapon capable of ejecting or propelling one or more projectiles by the action of an explosive or flammable propellant”, id. § 2923.11(B)(1), and a “lethal weapon” is defined as “any instrument, device or thing capable of causing death and designed or specially adapted for use as a weapon, or possessed, carried or used as a weapon,” as amended by § 2923.11(B)(1). A “sawed-off firearm” is considered “dangerous regulation” under Section 2923.11(K)(1) of the Revised Ohio Code. It is generally a crime to “knowingly acquire, possess, carry or use dangerous ammunition.” Ohio Rev. Code §§ 2923.17(A), (D). Ohio law defines a “handgun” as any “firearm that is insufficient and is designed to be held and fired with one hand,” i.e., § 2923.11(C)(1), but does not explicitly define a shotgun as limited to a firearm designed from the shoulder and intended to be fired from the shoulder. As a result, the Shockwave would be considered a “sawed-off shotgun,” which is a “dangerous regulation” that can only be sold to people who, according to Ohio Rev.